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It’s been 10 months since my last post! Aaaand a lot has happened since then. Like, I’m back to teaching and that trips on weekdays are not that easy to schedule anymore. Glad I was able to join this one. Family trips are always fun! <3     Till our next adventure!

City Mobility: Getting a Bike

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Cover photo from: Manila traffic will ease up in 15 years, according to this article – 15 years meaning if I’m not yet a busy mother raising 5 beautiful children by that time, I’ll most probably be a groovy lola gardening and knitting in my quiet little home in the province. I am a commuter and as we all know, commuting in Metro Manila is getting worse by the minute. Commute or drive, traffic will be a.. Read More

Hey, Brill!

2015-04-01 23.21.54

Wish I had more time and energy to capture great moments and more money to support my activities haha! April revolved mostly around school though. Maybe June. If things workout well 😀

When Hunger Strikes


Yup, we had nothing in the pantry. It was Friday (for those who don’t get it, it’s for Lent) and I don’t want to eat anchovies. Suddenly, I found some leftover Romaine Lettuce in the fridge and the idea of a salad popped in my head. I checked the fridge again and saw 1 piece of Fuji Apple and Feta cheese. YUM. I wanted more fruits but I had nothing but apple in.. Read More

DIY: Twig Toilet Paper Holder

cover tph

  Materials: 1. Rope or string 2. Twig 3. Yarn or thread 4. Acrylic paint 5. Paint brushes Instructions: 1. Paint the twig! Paint whatever design you like, just keep in mind that if you want the colours to be brighter, your base paint should be white.   2.  Fold the ends of the rope and wrap it with yarn, creating the loops where the twig would be inserted.   3. Wait for the paint.. Read More

Brown Butter Pound Cupcake

Strawberry Edited

  Makes 28 3 cup       A.P. flour (sifted) 2 tsp        baking powder 1/2 tsp    salt 1 cup        butter (room temperature) 2 1/4 c     brown sugar (light) 4pcs         large eggs (room temperature) 3/4 c        buttermilk Brown Butter Icing 1 c         butter 2 c         confectioner’s sugar 2 tsp     pure vanilla extract 2 Tbsp milk + more if needed   Procedure: Preheat Oven to 325°F Whisk A.P. Flour, salt and baking powder Using a paddle attachment from a.. Read More

Polecats-ing Up

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So happy I’m able to exercise again! I’ve been so busy since December, and I didn’t want to let February pass without really, REALLY moving, so I made an effort to go back to my weekly routine. I missed playing—how workouts should be called to make it sound more exciting! Aside from my usual rough sports, I also do pole dancing—more of pole tricks actually, not so much dancing. :p     I first heard.. Read More

A Simple Feast: NamNamSam


Last week, my good friend Sam invited me and some of our friends to have brunch at her place. I was so excited! I couldn’t believe we were already at that stage — inviting friends over and hosting brunches. You see, I knew Sam ever since we were in prep. We were classmates in grade school, bandmates in high school, and were inseparable in college. Now we are both independent and struggling adults… Read More

Art Fair Philippines 2015


Last day today! Art Fair Philippines 2015 The Link, Makati Feb 5-8 2015 10am – 9pm Here are some of my favorite works from the Art Fair: This video by Martha Atienza <3 Bernardo Pacquing             For more photos, see album below! (Hover over the photo to browse the whole album)